Aquasphere Kayanne Goggles

Swim test

I have been wearing the Kayanne’s since November 2020.

I love the larger lens on the Kayanne which helps with my peripheral vision in the pool and in open water as my eyesight is not what it used to be.

They are the easiest googles to adjust that I have ever had and I can adjust them in the pool without taking them off.

They do not hurt my eye sockets, probably due to the larger lens and the double strap on the back helps to keep the goggles snug on my face.

My only slight issue with them is occasionally when I kick off the wall the straps on the back of the goggles flicks up and I have to make a small adjustment. This could also be due to my head being too high and not low enough in the water.

These are goggles that I am happy to wear in the pool or in a lake and for training or racing.

Price Point – at $39.99 they are on the expensive side of goggles but with care I believe they will easily last me at least 1 year

My verdict.

9 out of 10 – the most comfortable, easiest to adjust goggles I have ever worn.