Asics Kayano 28 AWL

Asics Kayano 28 AWL

Asics Kayano 28 AWL

Asics Kayano 28 AWL

For full disclosure I purchased these shoes from Asics to wear as primarily a winter walking & running shoe with support.

Reviewer – Helena Millar

Longest Run – 10k

Mileage of Shoes at time of writing – 100k

Drop – 13mm

Blisters or rubbing caused by shoe – zero

Style – Stability

Sizing – my size 10 was a true fit

I recently became the owner of a pair of Kayano AWL (All Winter Long), even though I refer to them as my AWD = all wheel drive shoes.

The main reason I chose these shoes was at the time I was having inside ankle issues and felt I needed a little extra support in the shoes I was wearing. These Kayano shoes were the perfect choice to help with nice support under the arch and heel support to keep my foot in line.

They are supportive but also offer a nice cushion feel and now they even come with speed lock laces, bonus, no tying laces!

They are water resistant and, also have reflective stripes so are perfect for winter runs in the wet and the dark. The shoes also have a good tread meaning that they feel a little sticky in wet, damp, icy conditions so the grip is good too.

I like the firmness of the shoe giving me support to wear them all day with no aches/pains or rubbing and they are an excellent shoe for winter. I say winter as due to being water resistant they are a little bulkier than my regular running shoes so not something I would imagine I would wear in the summer but right now I am wearing them all day at work so from 8am until 7pm and no aches in feet or legs so definitely good supportive shoes. Great for walks, hikes & winter running.

LacingSpeedlock lacing – no tying pesky laces in the winter with frozen fingers.

Conclusion - In conclusion, if you are looking for a winter, supportive, comfortable shoe then this IS the shoe for you. I am really enjoying wearing them.

Would I purchase another pair – Yes absolutely.