Darn Tough Socks Review

Darn Tough Socks Review

This sock review is 16 months in the making when I acquired a pair of Elements Darn Tough Socks compliments of our local Darn Tough sales rep.

The major attraction of the brand is their "guaranteed for life, no strings, no conditions" guarantee. Since Nov 2020 I have been wearing these socks, one week on, one week off (as I am also testing a pair of Wrightsocks), all through 2 winters and 1 summer and I have to say that apart from a little fraying these socks are as good as new and still feel as comfortable and luxurious to slip on as they did when I got them.

I'm very disappointed by this, as I was sure I could put a hole in the toe, wear the heel down and see major signs of wear and tear throughout the sock. Not even a hint of a blister. But no, I failed, I really wanted to be able to send a pair back to Darn Tough and see if they would send me a new pair but sadly these socks feel almost like new.

Its actually not great business for a retailer to brag about how tough and durable these socks are as you won't need to replace them, and if you do they will be replaced free by Darn Tough but the socks are just too good, to durable and too comfortable.

These socks are exactly what they say they are on the label - Darn Tough and I love them.


                                     17 months and still going strong