On Cloud Terry

On Cloud Terry

On Cloud Terry

On Cloud Terry

For full disclosure I purchased these shoes from On to wear as an indoor shoe while working at our store in the Regional Y.

Reviewer – Garth Millar

Longest Run – Zero – not a running shoe

Mileage of Shoes at time of writing – 100k plus of walking

Drop – 6mm

Blisters or rubbing caused by shoe – zero

Style – Neutral

Sizing – my size 13 was a true fit

Out of the Box

The On Cloud Terry are a lifestyle or leisure shoe. I prefer to say that they are a shoe to go to the gym in or wear all day as a comfortable trainer.

I wear these shoes all day at our store in the Y and my feet feel as fresh at the end of the day as they do at the start, which I think is one of the biggest compliments I can pay this shoe.

I try to keep them nice and clean and don’t really wear them outdoors but I took a full day in the Dominican Republic and wore them all day, covering 18,000 steps and they felt great all day.

Lacing – the shoes come with elastic laces which means that they are essentially a slip on shoe, which I love especially for traveling through airports. The elasticated lacing also helps if you have slightly wider feet as the laces will easily stretch. There is also a nice loop on the end of each shoe to help slip it on and off – a nice touch.

Outsole – even wearing these shoes every working day there is little evidence of wear on the outsole of the shoes making the cloud tech soles tough and durable.

The Upper – is very breathable which is a great way of saying that these shoes are great for indoors and outside in dry conditions from Spring to Fall, but not a shoe to use outside in wet, cold or wintery conditions.

The look – I particularly like the fact that these shoes look great with gym wear, jeans or wearing to work as a casual shoe making them very versatile and they don’t make my size 13ft look big.

Vegan – On like to market the Cloud Terry as a Vegan shoe which is cool for me as a Vegan athlete but the vast majority of Mizuno running shoes are also Vegan so there is a positive move away from leather or animal products being used in shoes, which can only be a good thing.


These are currently my favorite pair of any shoes I own. They look fantastic, fit great and are comfortable all day. I would not wear them running but would wear them in the gym and will happily walk all day in them. I love them as a travel shoe, light, comfortable, packable and great for going through airports.

Would I purchase another pair – Yes absolutely.