On Cloudswift - Shoe Review

On Cloudswift - Shoe Review

On Cloudswift - Shoe Review

On CloudSwift

In order to write a balanced review of these shoes I purchased them from On, they were not provided free.

Reviewer – Helena Millar

Longest Run – 10k

Mileage of Shoes at time of writing – 100k

Drop – 7mm

I am currently training for London marathon and my longs runs are now up to 30k. I rotate through several brands of shoes and use my On CloudSwift primarily for speedwork and recovery runs up to 10k.

Out of the Box

On shoes certainly look different with their Cloud technology soles and funky colors. On the CloudSwift you will notice that the tongue is integrated into the shoe (there is no separate tongue) and there are 2 wide straps that wrap around your foot into the lacing system for a snug fit, like pulling on a sock.


I’m going to give the game away here as I absolutely LOVE the On CloudSwift.

Even though this is a Neutral shoe the mid foot outside wraparound feels good and the arch is more pronounced which allows for a very nice push off feel when running.

The technology in the On shoes is their Cloud Tec (like running on Clouds) and their Speedboard that runs throughout the shoe. Working together, every time your foot strikes the ground, the Cloud elements compress to soften the landing. At the same time, the Speedboard® flexes, loading with energy from the impact like an archer drawing a bow. OK, I copied that from the On website but it explains how it works perfectly.

Simply put, it feels like they put a pep into your step, with a soft landing and explosive take off.

Looking at the shoe on a table you will notice that the sole of the shoe is not flat, its almost arched creating a rocker effect, helping with push off on each step. You feel the forward roll and a push off with a quick turnover which is great for that faster paced run.

The sizing with On shoes can be tricky so this is not a shoe that I would purchase online. Try them on in the store for the best fit.


For me, I am not sure I would use them for longer runs over a Half Marathon but 5k -10k they are perfect, especially with that push off- pep in your step feeling they give. I have found I enjoy them most when I need to do a little speed work or more of a brisk paced run.