Saucony Endorphin Shift. Neutral running shoe with Speedroll technolgy for long training runs.

Saucony Endorphin Shift - Shoe Review

Saucony Endorphin Shift - Shoe Review

Saucony Endorphin Shift

For full disclosure I purchased these shoes back in March 2021, they were not provided free from Saucony.

Reviewer – Garth Millar

Longest Run – 30k

Mileage of Shoes at time of writing – 150k

Drop – 4mm

Blisters or rubbing caused by shoe – zero

Style – Neutral

Sizing – my size 13 was a true fit

Out of the Box

I think its fair to say that the Endorphins do not look like a traditional running shoe with the huge wedge of cushioning under your foot. For their size they feel light, and they are very comfortable to put on and don’t look big on your foot even with my size 13’s

For the first 70-80k of running I just didn’t get this shoe at all, and I really think it took almost 100k to run them in which is unusual in this day and age. In this period, I ran a slow 30k at 6.30per km pace and a fast 5k at 4.45per km pace and everything in between. They felt firm but not mashmallowy or squishy but they also didn’t feel super fast. I actually felt that the shoes performed better or gave more energy return on hot days than on colder days when the cushioning felt much more firm and unresponsive.

The fit on the heel is firm and secure and the mesh upper (the bit that surrounds your foot) is roomy and comfortable. I did my 30k run on a 25degree day and my feet did not sweat but felt secure and comfy.

Set the shoe on a flat surface and you will see that you can rock the shoe back and forth, which is Saucony’s Speedroll Technology in the shoe to provide a responsive toe off as you transition from heel to toe in your stride.

While this is a neutral shoe the sole or base of the Endorphin is quite wide for greater contact on the ground and keeping your feet steady & stable. The 4mm drop from heel to toe (a lot of Saucony shoes have an 8mm drop) gives a more natural feel. The added firm heel support means that the Endorphin does provide some support without being a stability shoe.

Saucony also state that the outsole (the bit that makes contact with the ground) has rubber for traction and with 150k on these shoes they are not showing any wear, in fact, I believe these shoes will be good for many hundreds of km’s.


When I first started wearing the Endorphin Shift I thought I was going to write a horrible review but over time they are growing on me and I think I might use these shoes for a December marathon in Maine as I think the comfort, lightness, speed and cushioning in the shoes are perfect for long distance and a great training shoe, but time will tell how they perform in cold conditions.

Would I buy another pair – Initially no, but with patience and km’s, absolutely yes but may upgrade to the Endorphin Speed.