Mizuno Sky 4

Jargon Free Road Test

Mizuno may not be top of mind when it comes to your choice of running shoe but they are worth considering.

Setting aside all the technology that goes into running shoes in 2021, I am still a big believer that the first impression you feel when you try the shoes on is the most important one. When I slipped the Mizuno Sky 4 on I immediately felt that this was a perfect fit, like putting on an old pair of slippers. They felt comfortable, supportive, cushioned and substantial without being bulky or heavy.

They are the kind of shoes you can wear all day without ending up with sore feet or legs and I know because I have done it. I occasionally switch to these shoes during they day when my feet are starting to feel fatigued.

But what about running in them I hear you say, they are running shoes after all. Well, there is excellent support and cushioning under my heel (as I am a bit of a heel striker) which transitions well to the forefoot as I complete my stride. I have also run more on my forefoot in them and they still have the support and cushioning under the ball of my foot as I push of the ground.

The Sky has 2 layers of cushion for your comfort featuring the new Mizuno Enerzy for that bouncy cushioning. The outsole (the beige colored rubber piece that makes contact with the ground) is hard wearing and durable and actually resembles a court shoe.

The knit upper (the material that covers your foot) stretches nicely allowing your toes and foot room to wiggle without feeling loose and will allow your feet to breathe on a warmer day. It is also a little wider than most other shoes on the market.

Shoe Type – Neutral

Drop – 10mm

Value – this is a high end running shoe but when you try it on you will immediately notice the quality of the product and that’s why I believe this shoe offers exceptional value.

Our verdict – 9 out of 10 – not a racing shoe or speedwork shoe. But if you want to log some miles in comfort in training you should consider these shoes for your next run. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Mizuno Sky 4 and will continue to use them for my runs even after this test is completed.

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